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ATTENTION ALL FRIENDS: [04 Dec 2002|09:25pm]


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Still sick....=( [01 Dec 2002|10:15pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Reasons why I love JAVI:
BoozeAndTheBlush: I dunno, I have a headache, I have the flu.
NewLiveUltra77: (rhyming)i need to puke, im sick cuz of you
BoozeAndTheBlush: LoL, that was cool.
NewLiveUltra77: it had good rhythm to it..
NewLiveUltra77: haha..
NewLiveUltra77: i aint no african booty scratcha!
BoozeAndTheBlush: Say something cool.
NewLiveUltra77: ok..
NewLiveUltra77: here goes...
NewLiveUltra77: ...and this time....its personal!
BoozeAndTheBlush: :waits calmly:
NewLiveUltra77: what?
NewLiveUltra77: that wasnt cool enuff?
BoozeAndTheBlush: No....that was LaME!

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My throat hurts, and I sound like a boi. [29 Nov 2002|11:30am]
[ mood | sick ]

Tuesday:School let out on, and I went to the show with MsLori.It was fun fun fun!Drinking at shows is the shiznaz!That was a fun fun show.Belly Crew fo sho!
Wensday:Me and MsLori wake up and get paid a little visit from Raymond, who brings me the duck he bought me.I looked like shit thank you very much.Later we go to my pappy's house and yeah.
Thursday:Gobble Gobble day, nice and fun.I ate like a fat ass hog.It was nice.
Friday:I'm sick like a dog, and I don't want to do diddly squat.I feel like shit.

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Yes, it's true, I'm a thief.... [25 Nov 2002|08:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Today was a fun day, even though it was a Monday it was a good day.Tomorrow is the last day we have for school.That is too slick.Wee, anyways today me and Vanz didn't want to go to our 8th period class, which is Theater Arts.For several reasons, 1) Our teacher is an IDIOT! 2) I didn't feel like painting cracks again. and 3) I just didn't feel like going.We saw Jason and and we called him out of the classroom, but earlier we had sent Ila in to see if Joe was in the class so we could leave, then we heard someone yelling at Jason saying "No he's not!" We thought it was Ms. Wakefield(our teacher) so we started running, well the smart asses that we are, we ran right into a pile of wet watered down shit.It got allllllll over our pants and shoes.It's ok though, it was a DC thing.LoL, it was DISGUSTING.We smelled badddddddd.Later on we decided to sneak back into our classroom, we made it in and I erased our absences.Hehe, then I saw a BIG BOX of alllllll these cans so I took a can of Ravioli.Well it turns out it was a box for the can food drive.Like I didn't know that.Yeah,I know I'm the devil, I'm sorry.But I cooked and ate that ravioli and I dedicated it to all the hungry people I took it from.

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Flowers made of cigerette paper, and a trip to Jack in the Box [24 Nov 2002|07:51pm]
[ mood | full ]

I wonder if Jack is really in a box?Hmm....=/ Lori and I went to 1) Get her moms nails done.
2) To Jack in the Box
3) To the movies to watch "Harry Potter"
Getting Lori's moms nails done was fun.We went to Jack in the Box where coming back I almost got run over by a Moji army honking their "La Cucaracha" horns.Lori saved my life though, thank you!After that we went to the movies to watch Harry Potter.EVERYONE wanted his dick in that movie, you could tell.I didn't see Raymond ALLLLLLLLL day which is unusual, because I see him EVERYDAY, oh well.Good day all in all.

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Please don't die... [22 Nov 2002|10:46pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Tonight was spent at Raymond's house.He's sick like whoa.Right now his temp is 102.5 I'm scared, he better not die on me.I hope he gets better!I'm really sleepy and I don't mind that I missed the show,Raymond needed me.LoL.

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I actually LIKE being THIS HAPPY! [20 Nov 2002|05:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was GREAT!!I saw Raymond more than usual and that was WOnderFUl!He gave me my CD that he burned me, and it was the wonderfulest...even though that isn't a word.He also bought me lunch from Wendy's.It was YUM YUM YUMMY!I really really really likkkkkkkkkeeeeeee him like this much...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and more.I'm glad my brother is happy too.I prefer HER over other "Lets be with everyone and their mother" girls.YaY for the both of us.

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[ mood | crappy ]

Today was little Ms.Ozy's birthday, so I bought her lunch.I think she had a pretty good day, considering allllllllll the shit Raymond got her.The cute part of all her gifts was the icecream that she alllllllllways and forever wanted but never got, got...if that makes any sense...Oh wells.The mix tape shit was cute too.Brook is dumb.I'm gonna shove my fucking foot up her ass so it comes out her mouth, and I'm not kidding!Dumb whore!
Can you tell I'm faking it?
But I want to be myself
A counterfeit disposition
Can't be good for my health
So many different faces
Depending on the different phases
My personality changes
I'm a chameleon
There's more than one dimension
I can fool you and attract attention
Camouflage my nature
Let me demonstrate...
Makeup's all off
Who am I?
Magic's in the make up
Who am I?
If you bore me then I'm comfortable
If you interest me I'm scared
My attraction paralyzes me
No courage to show my true colors that exist
But I want to be the real thing
But if you catch my eye can't be authentic
The one's I loath are the one's that know me the best

Makeup's all off
Who am I?
Magic's in the make up
Who am I?

The makeup's all off
Who am I?
If the magic's in the make up
Then who am I?
Magic's in the makeup
But I want to be the real thing
But the magic's in the makeup
And I want to be the real thing

My makeup's all off
Who am I?
I like that song!READ IT BIOTCHES!

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[ mood | tired ]

Whoa, this weekend=Slick like whoa!!Friday was all fun.It was spent with Frank and Raymond<3 wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fun.Had a Boones and smoked a little, muncho fun there.Then went to some party....BOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!Last night Vanessa and Nikki came over, Nikki popped her pipes cherry last night.Whoop Whoop!That was slick, then Raymond came over and picked our asses up to go watch some laaaaaaaaame ass fight at my dad's house.But on the way over there we picked up some fooooooood!Yummy!I ate chicken nuggets, a frosty, a chilli cheese dog, cheeze tator tots, chips, a large sprite, and...oh yeah some meat that my mom brought home,allllllllll last night.I am such a fat ass.Today, I don't know what I'm gonna do.Hopefully something with Raymond<3 weeeeeeeee.Where the fuck is PINCHE LORI AT?!

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Why did you have to make me think?! [15 Nov 2002|04:27pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I was sitting alone today waiting to get picked up after school, I liked being alone, it was nice especailly with the weather all nice and fresh.So Gene comes up to me and this is how it went...
Gene:So you and Raymond?
Gene:Are you happy?
Gene:Thats good, but think about it, Senior, Freshmen.You all are nothing alike, don't have sex with him, becareful.
Me:That coming from you is weird.
Gene:I don't want you to get hurt.
Me:Whoa, thats REALLY weird.
Gene:As long as your happy.
Me:Well, if you mean that Gene, thank you for careing.
I walk away....and now I'm thinking.....Oh god.

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This is how you know things are getting BETTER! [13 Nov 2002|09:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

XNoLiEsJuStLuVx: lauren doesnt hate you
XNoLiEsJuStLuVx: she said she gives u props for settling raymund down.
She (Lauren) likes Raymond...but she didn't have to say the shit she said, at least that is all cleared up.Aw, I'm happy and I

don't want anything/anyone to fuck things up.I wonder where my icecream is at...Hehe.
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This is how you know its over... [11 Nov 2002|07:34pm]
[ mood | sad ]

He didn't talk to me at school just like I asked him to.He avoided me all day, and it killed me.I acted like a bitch that night, but I blamed the bad night on him.It was my falut too, but I have too much pride to ever admit that I'm wrong.I'm too scared to ever get close to things so when things get good, I tend to push them away, I did it again.I'm not good at this...and I'm sorry.

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I didn't know she had the GI joe Kung-Fu grip. [09 Nov 2002|11:59pm]
[ mood | chilled ]

Dude, today was slick.I bought 2 books at Barnes and Nobles and that was cool.Spent most of the day with Lori and now her and Nikki are over.Today made up for last nights bullshit.It was just a chill day and nite.Eloy bought me some cigs and Me Lori and Nikki just chilled it outside smoking with my drunken neighbor.Woo.
Me Gusta me reggae me Gusta punk rock pero la cosa que me Gusta mas es panochida...-Sublime

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Thank you... [08 Nov 2002|10:47pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Thank you for being mean.
Thank you for choosing to be with other people.
Thank you for not talking to me.
Thank you for getting mad at me for being in a "joking mood"
Thank you for making tonite shit.
Thank you for just being you.
Please don't call me, Don't IM me, Don't say hi to me at school, Don't look at me.
Thank you for the worst night ever Raymond.

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[08 Nov 2002|10:50am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

What Office Space character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
Ha, that is cool, and true!Aw, I was reading a book and I started it yesterday afternoon, and i finsihed it a few mintues ago.That has got to be the saddest book I have ever read EVER!It made me cry in some parts.Maybe some of you have read it, it's called "A Child Called 'It'" It was a great book.This week has been an Ok week for me.There is a show today, I dunno if I'm going though, oh wells.

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Fighting with bois=FUN FUN FUN! [05 Nov 2002|06:41pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

So, today I was walking to my 2nd period class and a boi comes up to me, and pushes me.I then turned around and called him an asshole.THEN OUT OF NOWHERE HE KICKS ME!So I slapped him and I started running down the halls he runs after me and pushes me AGAIN and runs away so I jumped on his back and he starts banging me againest the lockers it hurt like whoaaaaaaaa, but it was cool, like a ride.I bit the fuck out of his arm and he dropped me and I ran to class.Then during lunch I see him again and he came up to me and was like "Wanna fight bitch?!" I started laughing and I slapped him I dunno, it was a little fight all over again.I love George hes fun to play with.Me and Kris

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Next time, I WILL knock your ass in the water! [04 Nov 2002|05:33pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Today was a good cold day.The pendeja that I am, I wore sandels with like cut off pants, and indeed I was freezing my ass off.It was cool though.I saw Vanz going to 7th period soaked as fuck, she asked to borrow my sweater, and I felt bad and loaned it to her.It's cool though, she made it up to me by making Paul take me to Moreno's to see Raymond.She splashed water on me so I tried to push her in the puddle of water, but with her Master Ninja Techniques she pinched me and we had to run after Paul's car cuz he was driving off without us.I dunno, today was another slick day.

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Please don't sing anymore. [03 Nov 2002|08:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was by far one of my better days.Spent with 2 of my favorite boys<3 Raymond and Jason came and picked me up and we went to Hastings were I saw GISELLE!That was soooooo cool, I didn't expect to see her there, but I did.That was awesome.After that we went to Wendy's were Raymond was acting like a DUMBASS."House Keeping"LoL. I LOVED TODAY!

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[02 Nov 2002|11:59pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Fucking sell-outs suck some big donkey balls!Oh well, I should have known something like that would happen sooner or later, but whatever right.
Anyways, one to MORE IMPORTANT things, yesterday was my mom's birthday and I had Nikki and Lori come over.It was fun, I hung out with the sell-out and had a little drama scene with David, but we're cool now I guess.Today was Lori's dad's birthday and I hung out at her house and I fell asleep in her little "Club House" I was comfortable as fuck.That Robert guy is too cool, I fixed his journal again.Today was slick.Whoop!

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Happy Halloween FUCKERS! [31 Oct 2002|10:47pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Today was cool, I liked it.Fuck you!

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